Saturday, January 31, 2009

M.A.F. Day Recap & More

Yesterday was the 56th Annual M.A.F. Day. What is M.A.F. Day you ask? It is Movies, Alcohol & Food Day. My original intent was for folks to call out sick and come over as early as possible and hangout all day watching 'B' movies. I know calling out sick from work is a lot for people, but I feel it adds a little thrill to it. It is totally understandable if people cannot do that though. No hard feelings at all. It was a really fun day overall. Our mission of 'no drama, just relaxation' was accomplished. We got through about 6 movies. We watched 'The Last House on the Left', 'Cabin Boy', 'Caddy Shack', 'Big Lebowski' and 'Kentucky Fried Movie'. We only made it through half of 'Them!'. I don't know why we only watched half of it, but we needed a break and to get up & stretch. Then we sort of lost interest. It is an awesome movie though. Kim made some killer pulled pork & cole slaw, we had tons of stuff to drink and it was a lot of fun. My mind is already thinking of the next M.A.F. Day event and what we can watch. I do know that 'Monster Squad' and tacos are involved.

Does anyone else give a shit about Terrell Owens' reality show? I feel like he already had one because he was such a complete train wreck on his own.

Jessica Simpson sucks. She is on my list of people that should be moved to a desserted island and she has to fight her way off 'Lord of the Flies' style.

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~P~ said...

56th Annual M.A.F. day?
Who started this holiday... in 1953!?
Albert Einstein, I'll bet.
He was a big proponent for having fun and play to break up the complexities of thought and life.

Glad to see that you were a proper custodian of the event.

Would that I could have joined you guys. It sounds like a great time.


I don't know all that much about Jessica Simpson, but I'll come to her defense.

Whenever I see her being interviewed, she pokes fun at herself and doesn't take herself too seriously (most performers who play the "dumb act" are far from it). That's a trait that I respect in "celebrities".

I feel badly that people are all up in arms about her gaining some weight.

She's still hotter than most women, and shouldn't let it get to her.

Still... I don't really know all that much about her. I only caught a few clips of her disaster of a reality show, way back when, and her singing is typical 21st Century overproduced fluff, but... she seems nice (in interviews) and as I said before... still hot with an infectious smile.

You can now disown me as a friend.

(but I wish you wouldn't)