Friday, March 27, 2009

Enuff Z Nuff

I have been dormant too long. I got way too much on my mind and I am ready to freak out. With that being said, how the hell is everyone?

That whole 'MTA' thing makes no sense to me. How the fuck can you keep raising fares, but keep lowering service standards and cut routes? Those are the real criminals. Also, Patterson is a moron and the 'caricature' they have of him on SNL is way too realistic. NY State should wake up and realize that he isn't a governor that is being made fun of, he is making fun of being a governor.

Madoff, that guy is one glorious scum bag. He needs to be sent to a federal prison. How can you have house arrest in a mansion? How does this guy still have any money? He deserves whatever he gets. He will probably serve a few months and then go to one of his 11 houses and rip more people off.

That Octo-mom is still fucking nuts.

Knicks, what happened to you?

What the hell is going on in Lost? Where is Vincent???

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I heard some really upsetting rumors today. Last night at Britney Spears' concert at Nassau Coliseum... there were reports of lip syncing! Oh my god! I just can't believe it. I do not want to believe it. I mean, how is that possible? Britney, come on. It isn't her fault really. She can't smoke crack, dance, sing and maneuver that mattress back of hers all at once.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Thoughts 11

No white basketball player will ever be taken seriously with a ponytail.

Good job Knicks. Some of the best road wins I have seen in years.

If one of NBC's top stories is a riot at an Iron Maiden concert then it is a slow fucking news night.