Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What the F?

I probably bitched about these things previously, but I don't care. If you do not like it get your blog then! Why do albums need to come out in 45 different versions? U2's album, the Pearl Jam 'Ten' reissue. Give me a break. Say it with me... r-e-c-e-s-s-i-o-n. Make these deluxe editions like $20 then. Not $60 or $90. That is so fucking stupid. I do not want any fancy poster or some used napkin Bono wiped his mouth with or a 'I heart Pearl Jam' bumper sticker. Give me something I can actually use. Maybe unreleased tracks or concert tickets? So I have to drop $60 on a deluxe edition CD and then $300 for tickets. Way to think of fans first. Kick my dog while your at it.

I think of all the sports leagues Major League Baseball players have the biggest egos and are the furthest from reality. Just admit you took steroids and move on. I am so sick of hearing about these morons. Your telling me 65 year old Roger Clemens is still in great shape and can throw 90 mph just because he is a hard worker? Give me a break. Mark McGwire just gained 45 lbs of muscle from changing his work out? I love these low life trainers and supposed 'friends' who have DNA samples, recipets, credit card numbers and any other sort of proof you need and these guys still deny it. So ridiculous.

Also, Joe Torre can say whatever he wants. He was thrown away and he has every right to make a book. Plus, it hasn't even come out yet and it involves a lot of people close to his years with the Yankees. He isn't the only one saying things about A-Rod or the management. Here is an idea to all those people who are upset by his allegations... read the book first and/or don't act like an asshole then!

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