Monday, January 5, 2009

Review: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex in NYC

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has an Annex in NYC now. It opened up in December and it is located at 76 Mercer Street. We went there this past Saturday afternoon. OK, first things first... is it worth the ticket price? NO. I even had a special coupon that made the tickets $19.99 each (plus tax) instead of the usual $24.50. It is a small place and I did not like some of the memorabilia they displayed. Do we really need to see Elton John's sun glasses from a few years ago? Michael Jackson's gloves & jacket from Bad? Are those rock & roll artifacts? There were several good things about the museum, but for the size of the place the price does not add up.

The Annex does have a section that focuses on New York and the different genres that have blossomed here. There is a model of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs with computers attached to so different musical landmarks throughout. When you select a location on the computer a corresponding light blinks to show you where in the city it took place. This was a very cool feature. They have multiple items from CBGB including the awning. Not the original awning because that was stolen in the 80's, but the one that was on when it closed it's doors. The Clash exhibit was very good. It featured a lot of various show posters and hand written lyrics. The Clash are one of my favorite bands and I felt like it was a good representation of their diversity and importance.

Overall, it was a good visit, but $24.50 for a small museum is not worth it. We went through the museum throughly in under 2 hours. I wish the Annex only focused on the tremendous influence and unparalleled importance this city has made on music history.

In other news Kim & I went to Lombardi's Pizza on Spring Street after museum and that was so worth the wait and money!

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~P~ said...

Personally, while they might not be artifacts that are worthy of merit for MUSIC, per se...(and definitely NOT for ROCKnROLL...) I'd give the gloves and jacket a nod (but only if they have the video playing in the background) AND have some kind of display of his OTHER gloves (like the famous sequined one) and jackets (like the Sgt Pepper's looking dealie) alongside.

Same goes for "Sir Elton's" famed oversized glittery glasses.

If they had a display (even photos) of his OLDER, more outlandish glasses) there alongside this one pair (to give context and history), then I can sort of see it.

Still, it sounds more like a musical version of "Planet Hollywood" than an actual Museum for Rock&Roll.

But at least you and Kimmers were able to make the best of it with some 'zza!