Monday, January 5, 2009

Best Show Ever?

Did anyone catch Rock of Love Bus last night? I did... holy shit! What is wrong people? First off Bret Michaels refers to himself as a rock star living the rock star life more than anyone ever! That is a good drinking game. Whenever someone says rock, drink. That is all he does. I rock, I live the rock star life, when I am not rocking, I rock. Be quiet already. We get it. You rock (not really). I understand without you telling me every 7 seconds. Also, lets be honest... how does this man still have genitalia that works? Seriously? I am convinced he has no hair. Those bandana's and hats have wigs attached to them. Plus, the women on this show are insane. Fake boobs and bleached blonde hair is a prerequisite I guess? I felt dirty just looking at some of these girls. The best part was that one train wreck put a test tube shot in the "private" area of another chick on the first day and they both got kicked off and neither understood why? Priceless. This show is so mindless and a calamity it is hysterical. It makes me feel better about myself. Thanks VH-1.

I don't understand all these rehab shows that are out now? The people on the show act surprised when they are criticized or yelled at. What did you think was going to happen? What the hell is that Confessions of a Teen Idol show all about? Why is he entire cast of Bay Watch on it? Do these guys really need help or do they want the money and the "attention" that comes with being on this show? Hmm, I wonder...

Finally... I got to give the Knicks some love. Awesome game last night. I got hope. They showed some life in the 4th quarter and kept up the momentum. David Lee and Wilson Chandler played great.

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