Monday, January 26, 2009

City Folk

I can't believe is almost February. Where did the time go? We had an interesting weekend. We went to the Knicks game Friday night. Had dinner at Stout first. Thanks Ms. Waitress for not coming back to our table for 40 mins. We didn't have plans or anything. Maybe if I wore my business suit, trench coat and said 'bro' every 5 seconds we would have gotten service quicker? I love the city, but sometimes I just shake my head and don't get people. Do people look in the mirror before they leave the house? What is with those skinny jeans? What is comfortable and good looking about those? They look like pants you can't possibly fit in and the ass got stretched out. Then you got those clothes with the 80's neon colors on them. I didn't like neon, even when it was considered 'mint'. And why do people wear sunglasses inside? We were in the downstairs bar of Stout and it is dark & loud. Why would you possibly need sunglasses at that point in time? But other than that it was a good time. The Knicks won and I enjoyed my Jamaican Pork Burger. It was joyous.

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Vincenzo said...

The Knicks game was fun. Sorry your waitress sucked and started things off bad.