Friday, January 23, 2009


Thank god it is Friday. If this week was an 80's chewable candy it was Bonkers. I need a beverage or 4. Who's with me? I was going to watch the NBC shows last night, but I was watching the Untouchables and I got sucked in. That is such a great flick. Sean Connery is awesome in it. You know what is really good though? A McDonald's sausage & egg biscuit. Yes, it is dreadful that I eat that stuff, but it is so good! Have you had one lately? I recommend it.

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~P~ said...

Oh yeah?

What do they call the McDonald's sausage & egg biscuit in France?

A Royale biscuit?


My week was more like a chewable 1970's candy... it was all CHUCKLES, baby.

Actually, no.
Not it wasn't. But now I can't stop wanting some CHUCKLES.

(actually, they've been around since the 1920's! But I wasn't, so you get the timeframe that I enjoyed them, dammit!)

(the crunchy chocolate ball candy)
I love those too.