Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Thoughts 9

I was watching Tool Academy yesterday and something struck me as rather curious. Maybe the girlfriends of these 'tools' should have their own show too? I would call it something like Stupid Girlfriend Get the Point!

Best moment on Rock of Love: Bret tells one mattress back that she shouldn't take her clothes off if she didn't want to, but then off camera calls her a buzz kill for not taking her clothes off. He truly is a rock star. I really wonder why love has eluded him for this long?

Does anyone care about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions? Most of the people who vote for that are more grumpy & bitter than the Baseball Hall of Fame voters. Also, just change the name to the Music Hall of Fame. Madonna isn't rock... OK?


Vincenzo said...

The girls on Tool Academy are so very sad. They aren't as attractive as their men so they put up with ridiculous amounts of crap to compensate. Just my dime store psycho analysis.

I hate Bret Michaels, but I love his shows. I wish they would kick has-been Bret and get someone a little more recent, but equally rockstarish, like Scott Weiland (sp?).

ab said...
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