Tuesday, December 30, 2008

VH-1 + MTV = Horrible

Every time you turn on either of those channels they have a reality show on about... let's just say it... STUPID PEOPLE. Rock of Love Charm School, Real Chance at Love, Bromance!? Are you serious? That was only some of the shit that is on VH-1 & MTV. I think if you are on more than one reality show then you need some major league help or should be taken into the street and smacked. Whatever is easiest. I'd choose 'b' though. Who the fuck are all these people from 'The Hills'? What do they do? I just do not get it.

Plus, just cancel the Real World Brooklyn. That is an absolute disgrace. What's next? The Real World Compton? Then all the idiots from that show go on that other show where they all play children's games and win more money to inflate their huge egos. Those jackasses are winning tons of money for doing the egg toss and shit. Then they all get into fights with each other. I can cast a Real World right now. We need 1 midwestern white guy who doesn't know he is gay, 1 white girl who is a whore, 1 lesbian or bisexual, 1 minority who is angry, 1 minority who is actually cool & normal and 1 guy who thinks he is a player. There you go. We can start filming tomorrow.

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