Monday, December 8, 2008

Random Thoughts 7

This weekend was pretty nice. Kim was sick, but we got to chill out a lot. I got our tree and put the lights up. SNL wasn't too bad, but John Malkovich is a strange bird. Why do NFL players always celebrate all the time? I can't stand it. The Cowboys are so overrated it is sickening. Joe Buck & Troy Aikman are the biggest fair weather commentators in the land. Is Stephon Marbury gone yet? A message to Jerome James, if your team is losing by 40 and you still do not get in the game... find another line of work. I want a Fender Jazzmaster guitar in the sea green color. Charlie Brown Christmas is on tonight. I think UPS Steve gave Scout a chocolate chip cookie? I hope not, it sure looked like one though. 

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