Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two Part Songs for '09

In '09 I want to see more bands attempt long, two part songs. Everything is condensed nowadays. 2 minute songs with no meaningful lyrics. I want some depth! I want horn sections, drum solos!! How about something in the same vein as 'Layla'. The Darkness would have a cool band to attempt this, but they are no more. How about The Raconteurs or Wilco? I want to see more bands expand. Fuck radio! One song on your album with a piano interlude and 11 minute guitar solo couldn't hurt... could it? Or even cover some older long songs? How come no one covers the James Gang's 'The Bomber' or Grand Funk's 'Closer to Home'? Where's the 'Carouselambra' of today?? No one makes songs like the Stones 'Sway' today. Make songs longer, have sections, or suites if you will.  Expand!! I know a lot of jam bands do this, but I want studio cuts. Make it so.

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