Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cheese Steaks

My wife & I love cheese steaks. We went to a place in the city last night called Shorty's. Really, really good cheese steaks. They have this deal where you get a Shorty cheese steak (which is 6 inches) and a pint for $8. I liked it a lot better than Tony Luke's which used to be in the same spot. 99 Miles to Philly is another good cheese steak stop. Awesome waffle fries & sauces there. Kim & I were lucky enough to stop at Geno's & Pat's this past summer to try the 'kings' of cheese steaks. Geno's was our favorite. One of our favorite local spots if Runyon's in East Meadow, NY. The put banana peppers on theirs. So good!! Damn, now I am hungry again. If anyone knows of any other places we can try... let us know!

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