Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I was watching NBC before I left for work and they had ground breaking news. Watching too many romantic comedies can actually be bad for you! I know what you are thinking, but try and stay calm for a second. The 'experts' say that they are not how real life is and that these movies can give a false sense of what love is? You mean a movie (that is fake) starring actors and not real people is not how true life or love can be? Shocking. I must have come down with the last drop of rain.

U2 is ridiculous for coming out with 5 different versions of their new album. Don't they know the economy is bad? I do not need a film by Anton Corbijn or some crappy book. How about tickets or passes for actual tickets start coming with these 'deluxe' editions. Or better yet have Bono & Larry come to my house and thank me for spending a stupid amount on a CD.

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