Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have been under the weather, so I apologize for the delays in my postings. I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Time is flying. I still do not get what the news is talking about? The malls are packed! Everyplace is packed! I know I seem like a 'Bitter Barry' but I really dread going outside. I am becoming a hermit. Once the holidays pass I will be OK. Christmas is just different to me now. I love spending time with family and friends, but there are so many other things to worry about nowadays. Yes, I am a adult. I know I have more responsibilities, but man are things wonky out there. In '09 I am making a plan and sticking to it. No drama in '09. I got to worry about me, Scotty C & my family. That is most important. All the other shit doesn't matter. I got to stick to that mantra, especially since it is written here for all to see. If I do not stick to it feel free to smack me and say what the hell?!?! Just don't hit me hard. I am sensitive.

On another note, apparently we have a really good bottle of scotch and didn't even realize it? I can't wait to smell again so I can try it. Thanks Adam for buying it for us and thanks Dave for yelling at me to drink the damn thing already.

Also, in the new year let's hope Bret Michaels finds love. If that guy can't find true love in his third installment of a staged reality show what hope is there for anyone else?

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