Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sign 'O the Times

I don't know what the fuck is going anymore? I paid off my credit card with my wife's help and the credit card company tells me there is 'suspicious activity' on my card? Suspicious activity because I paid off my card? When I was spending money like an idiot no gave a shit, but now that my balance is $0... they want to make sure all is well? They are giving me a new card and I have to answer a series of security questions on-line. Thanks, love the reverse security. Way to stay on top on my transactions.

Until the economy gets better I don't care what Michelle Obama is wearing or what teams Barack picked in the NCAA tournament.

I know I mentioned this a while ago, but you just can't make a Slurpee or a Fribble at home. No way is it possible.

Who'd win in a fight Twinkie the Kid, Kool Aid Man or Punchy of Hawaiian Punch fame?

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