Saturday, April 4, 2009


Good riddance Plaxico. I know, I know, he 'was' a super bowl hero. Who cares! He is a punk and a moron. He shot himself and did a whole bunch of other crap to ruin his chances. Then, the Giants offer him a contract with lots of incentives so he could recoup all the money he lost and he turned it down. Thanks for the loyalty asshole. I just do not understand these athletes. He will sign with someone else and make a shit load of money just because he can catch a ball. Outside of that, he has no redeming qualities at all.

This just in from the please shut up department... Madona, please just shut up. I do not get the whole I want to adopt a kid from a third world country thing? I do get that maybe, just maybe you really want to help these kids. You do not get that people who can't have kids or have trouble adopting kids do not have the special priviliges that you do. People wait years to adopt kids and you go over choose them like it is a buffet. Just shut up and go practice your weird lifestyle somewhere else. Oh yeah, bring A-Rod too.

I am going to the Mets game today. I am excited to see Citi Field and to go to ball game. It has been years. I will write a review of the stadium later.

Listen to the new Mastodon album now!!

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