Monday, February 23, 2009

Not the Same

Call me crazy, but Kelly Clarkson's album getting 'leaked' doesn't have the same effect on me as U2's album getting 'leaked'.

Does anyone even watch the Oscars? Seriously, who fucking cares.

Children's cartoons are so weird. Whatever ever happened to good cartoons? Very few of the new ones are alright, but the characters are just creepy. I like a coyote chasing a roadrunner, not something that looks like it got run over.

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~P~ said...

What cartoon are you talking about?
Frankly, there are TOO MANY craptastic ones these days.

And, sadly, since Congress lifted the ban on cartoons being 30-minute commercials for toys and merchandise, lo these past 15 years or so, the "cartoons" have become thinly disguised baited fishing lines - trying to hook "teh kidz" on whatever stupid crap is on the shelves - with VERY little in the way of plot, story or meaning.

Saturday morning used to feel special.
If I were a kid today, I'd just feel used.

Now get the hell offa my lawn!