Monday, February 9, 2009

Lots to Discuss

Wow, an action packed weekend. Lots of stuff to talk about. Let's start off with that train wreck of an awards show the Grammys. Holy shit man, that show is horrible. Why do the same 5 bands/artists win and/or nominated for every award? John Mayer won an award for a concert CD/DVD he recorded in 2007. Tom Petty won an award for long format music video that came out in 2007. I love Tom Petty, but come on! Dwezil Zappa even won an award. How is that possible? It isn't even his song. It is his fathers and he never won any Grammys. I am a huge Zappa fan as well, but that just makes no sense to me. Kayne sucks and that whole "rat pack" thing he was involved with was retarded. TI, Jay-Z and M.I.A. What the hell was that parade of fuck? I didn't see U2 or Radiohead, but I will Youtube those later. At least they perform new music or take it seriously. Most of those clowns just want to be seen. It has become such an inside joke that only the performers or people there understand or like what is happening. Paul McCartney can play the same 2 Beatles songs every awards show and he gets a standing ovation. I just don't get it.

Nothing is going to happen to A-Rod or Clemens unless some actually gets convicted. All these bitter trainers & employees saying they have evidence & shit is making a joke of MLB and it's current players.  Then let's see it. I think these jamokes should name names. I want to know all of these roid raging tools and prove them innocent or guilty once and for all. At least Giambi and Pettitte apologized in some way.

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