Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I don't understand A-Rod. Last week he didn't know what he took, but now he knows what he took, when he took it and where he got it? But he didn't think he was doing it right? What the hell man. Either give all the details & answer all the questions or just shut up. The baseball season hasn't even started yet and I am already annoyed at all the players.

How come you cannot get a small soda anymore? I went to Taco Bell last week and they have like a little kiddy cup and I wanted that with a little soda in it and they wouldn't give it to me. What's the difference? I was still going to pay for it. I just do not want a liter of soda for lunch. Not that Taco Bell is healthy, but that is just too much fucking soda!

Amy Fisher is a stripper now? Wow, she is really a sparkling example of a woman. Who would pay to see her? I just do not get the draw? Does she say, I shot a woman in the face and I am a whore... come see me dance? She must be desperate. That's it!

Hahaha... Furious George!

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