Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Thoughts 3

I hate when people tailgate you, then pass you, almost hitting you, then get in front of you and then slow down? Why? Just seriously, why?

I do not like when people cannot order at a deli. It is a deli not a health food store. Get some damn bacon and move on. Do not order something and ask to see what the slice of this or that looks like. I know some deli's are more health food related, but if the deli is the size of a closet and the cook has tattoos... just order a bacon, egg & cheese and go!

Kona Longboard Lager rules! Thanks KC.

1 comment:

~P~ said...

I'll take 2 eggs scrambled, ham & cheese sammich on a roll with pepper, please.
And a large tea, light and sweet.

If I'm feeling very naughty, I'll also toss in a strawberry Quik.

Thank you very much.