Monday, November 24, 2008

The Knicks, Hip-Hop and Food

I meant to post this on Saturday, but I forgot. OK, not sure how I feel about these moves they made. Yes, they do need to cut salaries and be able to make roster moves. I just do not know how I feel about them just shuffling players in and out based on salaries and contracts. They still have 2 long years before the big free agent boom. My wife said it best, it is going to be like they are renting players. Lebron isn't going to come to a team that is worse then the Cavs. Just because it is NY and they offer him more money doesn't mean anything. They need to build a base and then add complimentary players. I just hate when teams are bought and not groomed. Draft some players, sign some free agents and trade for some players. Don't just go out and buy a whole new roster. The Yankees were at their best when they did that. They had a few superstars, but Chad Curtis and Randy Velarde were the types of players who made that team go. I am curious to see how the rest of this season will go? If they are not giving up the season and/or just making room for possible free agents then they got a funny way of showing it. It seemed like they had a plan, but now the roster is all over the place. I do not see what they are going to do with the rotation and now they do not have any inside presence at all. Also, Marbury needs to go. Just get rid of him! He has refused to play several times now. A couple last year and now one this year. He is horrible, a quitter and needs to go. Sign David Lee & Nate to extensions. Regardless, it will be interesting the next few years. D'Antoni has his work cut out for him.

Hip-hop today sucks. I want to make a few things clear... Use a different beat once in a while for christ sake! That stupid click track sucks. Not original or even good. Also, those stupid synth vocals are horrible. I do not even know what anyone is saying half the time? And I got news for you... Just because you hold a guitar and occasionally strum it, does not mean you play the guitar. If your backing track is going to play make sure you play your fake guitar around the same time. Performing in unison does help.

Polish food kicks ass. We went to this awesome restaurant in Lindenhurst Saturday night and it was great. Also, Polish beer is awesome. Zywiec is great stuff. I recommend you go buy yourself some now.


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

I second this on Polish Food, especially on the Polish Beer..... Stolot!!!-Which means cheers in Polish

ab said...

Run DMC.

King of Rock.

Larry "Bud" Melman.


You're welcome.