Friday, November 14, 2008

Politics. Sort of...

I hate the fucking term Main Streeters. Every politician and his mom is using this damn term and I am sick of it. I live on fucking Norma Avenue. Not Main Street. Help Norma Avenue out and then talk to me.

Also, I am sick of hearing about the foreclosures and loan crisis. Here is a tip to help some people: If you can't make a budget and make sure you can afford  your home... DO NOT BUY A  FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR HOUSE. Yes, there are crooked real estate agents and Wall Streeters and whatnot, but if you can't be positive you can afford it then pass. My wife made so many budgets I was about to go insane, but she was 100% right and did a great job. Because now we know when we are in the red area and when are OK. So know your shit first time home buyers.

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