Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I just do not understand this fucking place?

Ever notice people at Starbucks or wherever who are trying really, really hard to read something, but have sunglasses on? Don't you want to smack them in the back of the head and say "Take off your sunglasses when you're inside, you jackass!" I do.

Sammy Sosa took steroids? Come on. No way! Love how these reports come out 6 years later. Is there anyone in MLB who hasn't taken steroids and actually can hit home runs? That's why I liked guys like Dan Pasqua and Mike Pagliarulo.

That whole Sarah Palin vs. David Lettermen thing is so stupid. He made a joke (albeit a bad one), he apologized, get over it. She should focus her time somewhere else. All of a sudden she is very very touchy and protective of her family. When she went on SNL and was mocking herself and getting publicity that was different I guess? Now people have gone too far? Give me a break lady.

People need to listen to more Fishbone.

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Vincenzo said...

Palin's hot. She gets to do what she wants.