Thursday, October 9, 2008

Albums you should own, but don't.

I was thinking to myself this morning about going to Beck tomorrow night, then I was like Self! I don't own Sea Change or Mellow Gold. Beck is one of my favorite musicians and to not own those albums is a crime. After that I was thinking about other groups who have albums that I really should totally own, but don't. When I say own, I mean actually physical copies. Not digital. Here are some...

The Who: Quadrophenia
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
The Beatles: All. The CD's I have are really my dad's
The Rolling Stones: I have Get Yer Ya Ya's Out and 2 others, but no Sticky Fingers which is my favorite!

What are some albums you should own?


ab413 said...

You don't need to own physical copies of those albums. You know those albums by heart. So, in a way, you already own them.

Eat Snacky Smores

Scott F. Collins said...

Who let that kid in here?!?!

PTOR said...

Rock me, Scottmadeus!

You stepped up, thrown down the gauntlet, now...

in the words of one of my ALL TIME favorite songs (and personal inspirations):

"Shine On, You Crazy Diamond!"